It Is Easy To Reserve Your Places At Rugby Rocks 2023

Booking should be as easy as possible for all of our customers. Simply follow the instructions below, or give us a call at 0330 175 5320 if you'd rather talk to a human being.

Step One - Check Availability

Call us on 0330 175 5320, email at [email protected] or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. Each year the festivals sell out and we do not want you to be disappointed. Get in touch with us to confirm there is space avaialble in your chosen location and age group.

Step Two - Provisionally Reserve Your Booking

Rugby Rocks will create a custom booking link for your entire group, which will provisionally hold your place for 2 weeks free of charge. Forget the days of collecting money from everyone in the group. Simply share your link with your group through your usual group messaging application (usually WhatsApp or Facebook) and each family can pay their deposits and reserve their own accommodation directly in to the festival.

Please note, deposit payments are non-refundable for teams who cancel their booking.

Step Three - Booking Confimation

Once the deposit is paid, the booking will be instantly confirmed. The final balance payments must be made 10 weeks before the festivals, but our automated system will remind you when these are due.

Our event coordinators will be on hand at all times in the run up to the event and will also be onsite during the festivals to help and assist.

Want to attend and arrange your own accommodaiton?

If you do not want to stay on the official campsite and want to arrange your own accommodation, NO PROBLEM. Teams wishing to do this can purchase player or supporter tickets, which will give them access to the festival venue and also includes the team registration fee. There is no additional fees for each team you wish to enter, just ensure that each player has a valid player ticket.


Whether you enter one team or several teams from your club, school, or academy, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic weekend at any of our festivals. It is quite simple to make a reservation, and if you stay at our official campsite during the event, your participation and admittance are both free of charge.


Visitors to a Rugby Rocks festival may rest assured that they will enjoy both the festival and the rugby competition. In the days preceding up to the big presentation day, which will feature a professional MC and celebratory music on stage, attendees can look forward to day and nighttime live music on stage, a children's disco, family fun and games, a good old singalong, and lots of cheering on the touchline.